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('mouseenter') onMouseEnter() { this.highlight(this.highlightColor || 'red'); }

Here's the latest version of the directive class.

import { Womens Carolista Ankle Thongcopper Metallic Wedge Heels Sandals Timberland Discount Pay With Visa KfLei
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} from '@angular/core'; @ Black Yamayo Lounge Pants adidas Originals XBYO Cheap Sale Fashion Style Shopping Online Original Clearance Visa Payment Best Wholesale For Sale AjOZOTN
({ selector: '[appHighlight]' }) export class HighlightDirective { constructor(private el: Grain De Poudre Stretch Jumpsuit Dundas Free Shipping Explore Order For Sale Affordable Cheap Price Discount Good Selling T9Pu1EqJf9
) { } @ Exclusive Sale Online Low Cost Cheap Price FrouFrou silk shirt Vanessa Seward Buy Cheap Pay With Visa Cheap Sale Cheapest Price Clearance New Styles cw1MoVH6DH
('appHighlight') highlightColor: string; @ HostListener ('mouseenter') onMouseEnter() { this.highlight(this.highlightColor || 'red'); } @ HostListener ('mouseleave') onMouseLeave() { this.highlight(null); } private highlight(color: string) { this.el.nativeElement.style.backgroundColor = color; } }

It may be difficult to imagine how this directive actually works. In this section, you'll turn AppComponent into a harness that lets you pick the highlight color with a radio button and bind your color choice to the directive.

Update app.component.html as follows:

<h1>My First Many Kinds Of Online Electric Goddess adjustable ring Metallic Rachel Jackson London New Styles For Sale Get The Latest Fashion iGghDWC3
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</h1> <h4>Pick highlight color</h4> <div> <input type="radio" name="colors" (click)="color='lightgreen'">Green <input type="radio" name="colors" (click)="color='yellow'">Yellow <input type="radio" name="colors" (click)="color='cyan'">Cyan </div> <p [appHighlight]="color">Highlight me!</p>

Revise the AppComponent.color so that it has no initial value.

export class AppComponent { color: string; }

Here are the harness and directive in action.

This highlight directive has a single customizable property. In a real app, it may need more.

At the moment, the default color—the color that prevails until the user picks a highlight color—is hard-coded as "red". Let the template developer set the default color.

Add a second input property to HighlightDirective called defaultColor :

@ Input () defaultColor: string;

Revise the directive's onMouseEnter so that it first tries to highlight with the highlightColor , then with the defaultColor , and falls back to "red" if both properties are undefined.

@ HostListener ('mouseenter') onMouseEnter() { this.highlight(this.highlightColor || this.defaultColor || 'red'); }

How do you bind to a second property when you're already binding to the appHighlight attribute name?

As with components, you can add as many directive property bindings as you need by stringing them along in the template. The developer should be able to write the following template HTML to both bind to the AppComponent.color and fall back to "violet" as the default color.

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Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language - Syntactic Processing

China 0 0 19 October 2017
Maureen A.

This topic is very good and interesting.

Colombia 0 0 09 April 2017
Monica Yohana H.

Very Good topic, thanks

Colombia 0 0 09 April 2017
Felipe V.

Understanding syntactic processing is the heart of truly beginning to master a language many structures come into play in deriving meaning to language acquisition. Timelines for tenses different parts of speech and multiple grammar are all integrated to show good understanding.

Colombia 0 0 08 April 2017
Federico H.

Very Good! Thanks.

Saudi Arabia 0 0 08 April 2017
Abdul Kareem M.

Interesting to know that best approach to getting students' to better understand grammar is through teaching it through the four skills .

Saudi Arabia 0 0 08 April 2017
Abdul Kareem M.

Why do some students prefer more true and false exercises than cloze exercises?

Cambodia 0 0 08 April 2017
Ifeanyichukwu O.

This section is well-thought out and very useful and very deep in aiding ESL instructors on guidelines of grammar comprehension

Poland 0 0 08 April 2017
Maria K.

This section is well-thought out and very useful. Thank you!

Philippines 0 0 08 April 2017
Ma. Myrna L.

Why is there a need to know about syntactic processing?

India 0 0 08 April 2017
Sonal B.

Activities for understanding use of grammar and vocabulary is necessary which would help in "Syntactic processing" involving understanding the structures of the language and making connections among words in a sentence or among sentences and paragraphs in a text.

Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language - Syntactic Processing

Syntactic Processing Syntactic processing is the understanding of the structure of a language, and the ability to use that structure to derive meaning. Grammar learning is most effective when it is integrated into content, context, and other language skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening, rather than presented in isolation. For example, some prepositions are very hard to remember. However, if instructors play a game, students have fun, and at the same time, they are teaching the grammar knowledge that students need. One activity that works well is making a timeline using vocabulary and images. Timelines allow adults to reflect on their own past, present, and future circumstances. They also give them a chance to learn vocabulary targeted to the specifics of their own lives, as well as a perfect opportunity to learn about past, present, and future tenses, personal pronouns, and even sequencing using the English language. Syntactic processing involves understanding the structures of the language and making connections among words in a sentence or among sentences and paragraphs in a text. Learners should know common prefixes and suffixes, past tense endings and the passive voice and words that connect thoughts. \"Therefore\" is an example of a word that connects thoughts. Grammar instruction should be integrated with reading instruction, with learners’ attention directed to syntactic structures in reading texts. Instructors can also help build learners’ knowledge of grammar and syntax by having them complete a cloze exercise. The cloze exercise is an exercise in which specific words are left out of a text with blanks that learners have to fill in. Learners could be asked to do exercises that focus on nouns, verbs or adjectives. To provide support for students, all exercises can be done as a whole class, then in groups and then individually.

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7. Syntactic Processing

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